About us and The Areas to which we go.

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About myself

For the last 27 years - roughly the time that I have been organising and teaching  English and walking courses in Britain, I have lived in Switzerland . In Switzerland I am married with two children who are just about to complete their university studies. Here I am also an English teacher. I have my own small school which organises courses for businesses and also discussion and examination courses for the general public.
I origanate from the central part of Britain - from the Wirral - near to Manchester and Liverpool. At university I studied environmental science and later became a secondry school teacher. These walking courses combine my studies  in the environment and languages with   my enjoyment for walking and nature.
I take a central role in these courses but rely on local teams of guides,  hosts and hostesses from each of the areas. These indespensible contacts I have built up over many years.

Over the last 27 years we have centred our courses in many attractive areas in the British Isles.
This has allowed people to return to not just  new English experiences but  totally different walking environments. The courses were first centred in North Wales  and then expanded to the West Coast of Ireland, Scotland -first just the West Coast but then to the West and East, the Lake District and the Yorshire Dales- later different parts of the Lake District and finally Cornwall - extended to Devon and Cornwall.

Lake District

The Lake Distict also has mountains close to the sea, but here the mountains are seperated by extremly green valleys and lakes. This is the second largest National park in Britain and certainly the most popular. Besides being a national park it is the centre of the National Trust (A trust set up to protect natural beautiy for the enjoyment of all) . In addition it is now also a Unesco world heritage site.



There are many lakes that are left to nature


Wales offers many costal paths along long sandy beachs on the North Wales coast and rocky coves and beaches around the island of Angleses (earlier name Avalon). Snowdonia - the Largest national park in Britain offers a walkers paradise with lakes, mountains and valleys.   Views over the sea, the rugged mountains of Snowdonia and green valleys of Wales are given from the peaks.

long sandy beaches

Mountains and lakes abound



Here lie the largest mountains in Britain, maybe laughable to Swiss standards , only reaching 1400 metres, but you need to take into consideration that they are next to the sea .
The West and North of Scotland are one of the most underpopulated parts of Europe. Here you don't see people (outside a few town) just the sea and endless lakes seperated by rugged mountains and moors.

often difficult to realise if you are on an island or on the mainland.



Along the Beach to the high mountains



Devon and Cornwall

Devon and  Cornwall are known in Britain for their mild climate and very attractive coastline. Besides the coast with its rocky coves, long sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages there are the high moorlands of Bodminmoor, Dartmoor and Exmoor to explore with their strange rock formations and populations of wild ponies. ..

There are coastal paths all around this.


Ireland is well known to nature lovers for its pure air, unspoiled countryside and music. The area to which we go is considered by many to be the most scenic in Ireland - the Kerry Ring, Dingle, Shannon area and the Connemara - incorporating high mountains next to the sea, colourful towns, rolling hills and a really spectacular Atlantic coastline