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Oban Scotland

Hand chosen as  being both picturesque and well located for walking

Oban is a middle sized town surrounded by nature.
Oban offers some of the best fish restaurants in Europe and also has a cinema and theater. It is the gateway to the Islands - the inner and outer hebridies. Passanger ships to these island are seen leaving the harbour every morning and ships to the closer islands, regularly throughout the day.  The hotels and buildings around the bay and up the hillside are all stone built and have a victorian charm about them.

To the North the next largests town is Fort William  ( around 40 miles away)  to the South  you would need to go back to Glasgow to find any main population centres and to the East coast. Luckily Oban has everything you should need , as well as massive amounts of nature to go walking in.

The highlands.

The highest Scottish mountains start around 10 miles outside Oban . These are all called Monroes being over 1000 metres high and all, unlike Swiss mountains, accessible on foot. This fairly easy access  has started the rather healthy  and very popular Scottish passtime of Monroe bagging. This is the climbing and therefore collecting of as many of these mountains as you can- all 282 of them if you can do it. These mountains look high as they rise from sea level but will only be snowcapped in winter.

The islands

You can also collect  islands ( More to collect, but  you need to spend at least one night to collect one) Oban overlooks the island of Mull - the largest Hebridean island- with Ben More -another Monroe - looming up on it. The islands are known for their, deer, eagles, white sand and crystal blue (rather cold)  waters. Many island trips are arranged from Oban and a trip to Mull, the island of Iona and Staffa is absolutely essential.