Lakes  Fr. 2780

Included in this price are :  Return Flight Zürich – Manchester

Transport Manchester/Liverpool - Prestatyn - Manchester

Cost of guides

 Cost of teacher and teaching facilities

All accommodation including breakfast.

Not included are entrance charges and general insurance.

General tips and condition

We think that as the course is organised directly with its students it offers very good value for the course costs. We are however very thankful for early registrations and payment and therefore would be very grateful if you could return the attached registration form as soon as possible

Payment conditions

Payment after registration: Fr. 700. -  (A pay-in form will be provided).

 The following cancellation costs are applicable

Lakes : Uptil  12 June: Fr. 700 . After 12 June: full costs

Further information and registration

R. Fawcett-Achermann, Auf der Platte 18, 8200 Schaffhausen.

Tel 0526258668

On request ran
dom lists of participants can be given from former courses. Simply request the year and group (Wales, Scotland, and Ireland)