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Terms & Conditions


1.     Booking

 Bookings can be made by telephone or email or via our website but bookings are not valid until a deposit is paid.

2.     Payment

Payments can be made to Robert Fawcett Royal Bank of Scotland Sort Code 832604, Account number 00226964, IBAN GB28RBOS83260400226964.

A deposit of 20% of the costs should be made on booking.

3.    Cancellations

Once the booking has been made there can be no refund on  cancellations less than 2 months before the stay. If  the party booking the property does run into difficulties every effort will be made to look for an alternative booking time or to find another booking. Due to the extra managent costs there will not be  a refund of the original guests deposit if new guests are found to take over the booking .  Guests should  insure against  losses resulting from cancellations by arranging their own holiday insurance .

4.    What we provide

We make it our task to ensure that everything is to standard within the house. If there are any defects, we wish to be informed about them immediately, so that they can be repaired as soon as soon as possible.  As long as any defect is quickly dealt with there will be no entitlement to compensation, but if a defect is long term and causes a certain degree of discomfort  suitable compensation will be given.

5.   Arrival and Departure

Arrival is between  3:00pm and before 8 pm at the beginning of the stay.  later arrival can be catered for if  the house manager is informed.  Departure time will be 10.00 unless otherwise arranged.

6.  Pets

Pets are only allowed if the owner can fully vouch for its training and behaviour. There will be a £20 extra charge for cleaning as we offer a premises that is safe for anyone suffering from allergies.

7. Number of Guests

We have decided that 15 to 16 people would best suit the house and guests. . The house, on clear notification, could be pushed to hold up to 20 Guests. This would be by using 10 rooms with 2 people in each.

The large dinning room will take up to 20 people. Please let us know if you would like to accommodate more.

8.  Damage Deposit

A deposit  of £200 cash  is payable on arrival. The deposit maybe more for very large groups or due to the young age of a group. Please inform us about any breakages. The new price for broken items will be taken from the deposit.
Any damage to the building will need to be paid for in full as well as losses due to having to cancel groups as a result of damage caused by guests.

9.  Acceptance

Could you please sign this  terms and conditions sheet along with your booking to inform us that you have read and understood the house rules.

Signed ………………………………………………………..  Dated …………………………………………………..